2023 Guide

Pre-Opening Season

Join us in our pre-opening season as we set up the gallery and take delivery of a major consignment including the world's largest collection of Zimbabwean gemstone sculptures from the @simukaicollective.

Viewings must be pre-booked online.


Booking Details:

Booking Details:

Booking Details:

For all 2023 bookings:

Please do not drop-in. Use our online booking system to schedule in advance

Timely arrival & carpooling reduces traffic and inconvenience for neighbours on our long, narrow laneway.

Walkers and cyclists should also arrive and depart together, as groups of up to 4 per viewing.

  • Use reschedule link in confirmation email
  • Seek refuge in our indoor gallery space
  • reschedule link provided in confirmation email.
  • Outdoor Sculpture Trail: We are developing 2km of sculpture trails through field and forest on our urban farm in the heart of Kingston, ON. Bring a camera, an easel or a picnic to enjoy the natural surroundings.
  • Home Gallery We are setting up parts of our 200 year old home and attached barn as indoor gallery spaces to display 2D artworks from Canadian and international artists. If you are an artist interested in working with us, apply here for a free artist viewing.
  • Gifted artwork is a "thank you" for supporting us in the early stages of setting up.
  • Artwork gifts could become collectible if our project succeeds?

Viewings 1-50: CAD $8 - SOLD OUT

Viewings 51-100: CAD $20 - SOLD OUT

Viewings 101-200: CAD $30

Viewings 201-300: CAD $35

Viewings 301-400: CAD $40

Viewings 401-600: CAD $45

Viewings 601 and above: $50

Each viewing admits 1 vehicle and passengers



The sculpture trails are in natural areas. Long pants and closed shoes or boots will provide the most comfortable viewing experience.

This year's exhibition features 12 early gemstone sculptures from the Simukai Collective, including unreleased pieces.

This will comprise the largest and most significant installation of Zimbabwean Gemstone Sculpture yet assembled in one place worldwide. Some pieces are amongst the earliest documented pieces in this breakout new medium.

At least 4 Simukai gemstone sculptures will be offered for sale. Others will be on loan from private collections.

We are also seeking to bring Simukai co-founding artist Stanley Mutanga (@wembizi) to join us as the visiting artist in Gunguo's first season. If he comes, Stan will bring a substantial selection of work from his personal collection for sale, including sculptures produced early during his training in the 1990s when he was working with his mentors Sam Mabeu and Charles Nembaware.

Stan will be available for two private commissions while he is in Canada.

Our Canadian summer is short and spots are limited. Pre-scheduling prevents crowding and helps jumpstart this black-owned exhibition space. Show your support by booking now.

Please also note that we offer free admission for artists and creatives who are curious about collaborating. Apply here.

Each scheduled viewing comes with free, limited-edition artworks. Owning these objects will be testament to your very early support for the gallery. Who knows? If our project succeeds, these unique objects could become collectible.

You will receive your artwork during your viewing, and learn about its future utility at that time.

Unfortunately, the gallery is probably NOT YET accessible for people with mobility challenges.

Our trails are mostly level grass and dirt paths. The indoor galleries occupy a 200-year-old farmhouse with some steps, stairs and uneven ground.

We will increase accessibility in the future.

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Yes! We have indoor gallery space and are actively looking for artists to collaborate with. If you are a 2D artist living in Canada whose work aligns with our vision, please apply for a free artist viewing.

Yes! Please apply for a free artist viewing.

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