Inaugural Garden Concert

Sep 10 - 2023 @ 3:30pm

GUNGUO’S FIRST-EVER GARDEN CONCERT was convened on Sunday, the 10th of September at 3:30 PM. This was also the debut performance of Swimming Stones, a fiddle/cello duo which puts a contemporary spin on traditional Métis strings. Brothers Danton and Nicholas Delbaere-Sawchuk, two members of Eastern Ontario’s renowned Métis Fiddler Quartet, summoned forth sweet melodies from their 18th century chordophones, while the sun’s rays grew long and bathe the early autumn afternoon in resplendent hues. The Delbaere-Sawchuk brothers learned from elders such as Lawrence Tedde Boy Houle, Jimmy Flett and John Arcand. They also carry forward the musicology work of their close friend Anne Lederman.